Example Projects


Alarm system for assisted living

  • Electronics development and industrialization
  • Antenna design
  • EMC precompliance testing and certification support


Transcranial NIR oxygenation and haemodynamics monitor

  • Concept evaluation
  • Component design (optical and electrical)
  • Functional and clinical prototypes
  • Small series production


Clinical prototype of pulsed magnetic and optical applicator

  • Concept evaluation
  • Coil design for optimal field distribution
  • Integration of optical illumination sources
  • Characterization, validation and testing



Multi-path attenuation test bench for UWB transceiver

  • Customer specific system design and assembly
  • System characterization and calibration
  • Software for automated product testing



Experimental exposure system for PEMF research

  • Concept and system design
  • Coil design and manufacturing
  • High-power arbitrary waveform current driver
  • Control software