Personal EMF Exposure Metering Platform

ExpoM denotes a concept developed by Fields at Work for a personal exposure metering platform for electromagnetic fields. It consists of different exposure meter devices designed for specific frequency ranges. All devices are able to transmit the measured data to handheld devices or servers in real-time. Each of the meters shall be able to operate as a stand-alone device or connected to a handheld device for real-time data visualization. After completing the measurement campaign data can be downloaded to a personal computer, processed and displayed using a custom designed software. Fields at Work is constantly extending the capabilities of the platform. ExpoM stands out due to its detection methods used for the different frequency ranges and signal types. The platform allows to collect EMF measurements within the entire spectrum relevant for environmental EMF monitoring and enables meaningful cross-standard field value comparisons.

Additional features include GPS based outdoor localization and Bluetooth connectivity. The integrated Bluetooth module allows to stream the measurement data to any Android based device for real-time display and processing. This approach offers a high degree of flexibility effectively combining accurate EMF measurements with the versatility of a modern smartphone or tablet.

The devices of the ExpoM platform currently available are the ExpoM – RF radio frequency (88 - 5875 MHz) exposure meter and ExpoM - ELF for magnetic fields from DC to 100 kHz both consisting of the metering unit, a software utility for displaying and exporting the data together with customized smartphone apps.